5 Reasons to Date a Trans Girl

Nowadays, there are more and more attentions paid to transgender group with increasingly transgenders come into public. While plenty of non-supportive sounds still exist, the hot app Transdr specially designed for transgenders is welcomed by all trans and some straight guy. They join the rank to date trans girl exclusively. At a matter of fact, there are many advantages trans girls have which regular girls don’t. Although it does not mean ua trans girls are better than regular ones, it is to say there are some merits of them which are not known to the public.

1. We are more open-minded and less judgmental.
There’s no need to explain open-minded, for that the word-transgender already speak for itself about the quality. Trans girl is obvious a lot more open than regular ones. For example, we will be less hesitated to try new things sexually. Even more, we may show you a new world you don’t have any experience and knowledge of. Besides, trans girl won’t be as judgmental as regular ones. We won’t complain about your height, which may should be taller than it is to match with themselves. We won’t complain about your dress style or haircut. We won’t complain about your appearance. It is because we are fully aware of the birth nature, we won’t complain about things that can’t be changed.

2. We appreciate details very much
Us trans girls are easily satisfied group. We appreciate little things very much. Such as holding hands in public, a sweet smile, a gentle touch and so on. We want it so hard that someone could really treat us as a woman. When we feel it, even it is just a smile, we would be thrilled and happy for a long time. What’s more, if you treat a trans girl with gentle and respect, us trans would return you with hundred and thousand times of good.

3. We will understand your feelings and needs
Since we were a boy before, we can understand your feelings and needs. Even though we made our transition, but there’s still a small part of us where lives a little boy. Therefore, compared to regular girls, we will be much more considerate and sensitive to your needs and feelings.

4. We can be more feminine and girly
Maybe it is for the guilty or self-abasement, we tried to prove we are real women. Us trans often display more femininity than regular ones. We would keep long hair, wear sexy clothes, put on perfect makeup and so on.

5. We are stronger
Us trans have went through and are going through lots of tough things, including miserable surgery, the mistreat and disrespect from the public and so on, so we will be more stronger than regular girls. We will be more tolerant and lenient. It would be a lot easier to get along with us so long as people treat us with a little more respect.