Difference between Transsexual and Transgender

Transsexual and Transgender both the terms are seem to be same but actually they have their different meaning and identity. Many of us believe that Transgender is the only word to use an umbrella term for all Tran’s people depending on whom you are indicating or talking about. This is all depending on situation and current circumstances. But now most of people are now referring a term ‘Trans’. This is the best and the only appropriate term for Tran’s people. Here in this article, you understand the real meaning of transsexual and transgender and come to know the real difference between these two terms. However, it is clear that both are quite different and but actually related to each other. Let’s understand both these term using Sex and a Gender, here gender key term is only used to identify either you are male or a female. On the other hand, Sex recognized as reproductive organs. In a scientific biological definition, sex can only indicates your genitals and nothing else. Few of us approximately most of us things that sex refers to “intercourse” But here in transsexual, this is not an appropriate or a correct definition of word “sex”. In transsexual, Sex covers only the reproductive organs or genitals of human nothing else.

What is Transsexual?
As it is quite clear from the word “Transsexual” Trans means change and sexual word describe the reproduction organ or genitals or we can say physical appearance. So, the word transsexual refers to those guys or girls who were born with different sexual organs but want to change or adopt different sexual organs. For example, if a man is born with male genitals but he wants to change his organs to female genitals, this process is known to transsexual. This can be done via surgical process. There are quite different levels of transformation from pre to post operation process. The main reason behind this is transsexual people are quite not satisfied or happy with the body they have and want to change their body or sex with opposite sex, so that they can identify with opposite sex.

What is Transgender?
Transgender is quite very different term as compared with transsexual. Each and every human is born with one gender and can be identified with the same gender for whole of its life. Let’s break the word transgender, Trans means change and gender means either male or female. Transgender people like to identify them as a different gender or for this they are behaving like opposite sex or gender, were outfits like opposite gender. They are quite okay with their body content and never undergone with any surgery to change their sex. But they behave or dress like an opposite sex or gender.

Crossdressers are quite not the same as transgender as crossdresser will do this occasionally on the other hand, transgender will do this on regular bases. Gay guys and lesbians are not come under those terms – transgender and transsexual. As gay guys are men want to recognize as men too in society same as lesbian. They never want any change in their body or don’t were opposite sex outfits.