How to Come Out as a Transgender in a Dating Relationship

Whether in a dating relationship or in any other situation, transgender people generally face more challenges. And some of these challenges are very tricky. It's like a double-edged sword to share our most vulnerable parts with our partners in a transgender dating relationship. It may bring deeper ties to both sides, but it may also lead to the end of a relationship. As a trans woman, in order to be more comfortable with my partner, I prefer to increase the level of our connection. When I stand in front of my partner without any secret, I don't need to have any worries and doubts. I just need to be myself.

Whether it's before, during or after the transition, I'm willing to join in a date hookup relationship, because I hope my body and my mind are open at all times. I know it's hard, but I'm still willing to try. This means that before the transition, I need to be like a cisgender men to hook up with women and behave more like them; after the transition, my appearance and behavior will be more like a cisgender women. This kind of experience can make me have a deeper understanding of men's and women's ideas, and can master some skills of dealing with the opposite sex. I even think my dating skills are more mature than other heterosexual women.

Protect yourself both physically and spiritually

Of course, as a transgender, when you are facing your date partner, you need to be honest with him about your real identity and how far you can go in this TS hookup relationship. This doesn't mean that you need to disclose your transgender status to your date as soon as you join the relationship, but it's very necessary for you to do so before your relationship reaches a higher level. Otherwise, you will be mistaken for cheating him. If you don't want to be honest with your partner from the beginning to the end, it may not be for you. Although being honest is necessary in a relationship of ts dating, protecting yourself physically and mentally is the most important task. There are countless transgender women in the world who have died of violence. Therefore, in any case to protect themselves is the premise.

Before sex, tell your partner about who you are

For all of the transgender women, my advice to them about the TS dating relationship is to be sure to confess your identity to your partner before you make love. There is a reason to do so. On the one hand, it can prevent your partner from mistaking you for cheating him. On the other hand, it can make your partner feel more comfortable when having sex. If you don't do this before having sex, once he finds out who you are, the relationship between you will become very delicate and fragile. If your partner can accept your identity, you can enjoy a good time in bed. If your partner can't accept it, ending the relationship early can avoid a lot of trouble. Find local transgenders here.