Why Guys want to date a Transsexual Girl?

Transsexual women – born as men but desperately want to become women. Transsexual women are quite one of the best girl friends not only in bed but also in relationship. T-Girls know exactly how to please her man. There are few complications with real girls in bed but with t-girls they are absolutely fine and know exactly what they are well known too.

Transsexual women are the men who converted them to women. They are just not for sex only. Transsexual women too want a true companion and love like other women. It is always a tough job for t-girls to find that someone special, who love and pamper them as compared to other girls or women. Men who adore T girls for date and romance are always there but the main issue with them is long term commitment. Few men are not quite comfortable and ready to keep their relationship for long term with these transsexual girls or women. The main reason behind this is – transsexual women can’t deliver children unlike other women. This is the main reason that transsexual women are not able to find a true companion for long term. However, few t-girls are quite lucky and live a happy life with their partner.

Dating with a t-girl is quite the same as you are dating with your other girl friend except few things that are obvious for t-girls. Transsexual women really love and quite passionate to behave like a real women and their life style. T-women tried their best to behave like a real women. However there are few things that may surprise you if you are dating with transsexual women. You may be bit surprised to see that your t-girlfriend is shaving her face along with her legs. This is a common thing that every t-girl has to do to look like more real women.

There are many places where you can find these t-girls easily. If you are in London and fascinated about to date a t-girl, then definitely you heard about a night club called – “The Wayout Club”. This is the main hub and one of the popular clubs of its own type. Saturday night is always the most amazing nights and you can see many transsexual girls in this club. You can see many faces in ‘The Wayout Club’ in Saturday night; some are new and most are the old regular one. They really enjoy their night here in this club along with transsexual and other peoples.

Except this club, there are many more popular places where you can see many transsexual women are dating with other guys. T-girls are quite an amazing to date with. Many guys are quite fascinated to date transsexual women to fulfill their desires and fantasies. However it’s not an easy to pick up any random transsexual women and go out for one night. Picking a t-girl for date is an art and you must be real gentlemen to hold these transsexual women.

Where to Find a Transgender Woman?

If you are a man who likes to date a transgender woman, the major problem may come to how to find them. According to a survey result, there are only 0.6% of people in US who identify as transgender. It may seem impossible to encounter one if you are just walking down a street. So where can you find a transgender woman? Today, we are offering some tips on how to find a transgender woman to date.

First, transgender belongs to the LGBTQ community. They are part of the group. If you are in a small city, you could look for the bars or clubs where most gay or lesbians hang out. Gay and lesbians surely out-number transgender, but there is bigger chances of finding them in such places. If you are in large cities, it might be easier for you to find a place where transgenders mostly hang out. Just look for those places where transgender gathers. It can be a club, a bar, a communicative session and so on. Just look into it, you will find something.

Second, there are plenty of LGBTQ evens every year. This is a great opportunity to find them. You don't have to join them. Just go and watch them. There will be a chance for you to get in.

Once you have your way in, cherish the opportunity. Even if you haven't find someone you like, you can also expand your social circle. Make some transgender friends. They will introduce you to his/her other friends. Do not let any opportunity get away. Besides, make some transgender friends could teach you how to properly date a transgender woman. After all, transgender dating can be very tricky for new comers. Prepare for it.

If you are an introverted and shy person, if it is too har for you to break the ice in real life when facing a transgender, or if you are afraid that you may improperly offend someone, you can still go to the internet. There are many online dating apps for you. Online dating is a lot easier and more convenient. However, there are plenty of online dating apps which are not friendly to transgenders. Take tinder for an example, tinder constantly shuts out transgenders and deletes their profile. Plus, tinder is a general dating app. Find a transgender on tinder has nothing different from finding one in real life. The chances are too low. Therefore, you would better go to those app specially designed for transgenders. There are plenty of them. But you have to distinguish the bad and the good. Usually, if you can see many sexy and obscene picture or profiles in an app, that kind of app may probably are just into your money. They are doing serious business. They just want to get in, take your money and get out. You must be careful when choosing them. Only decent transgender online dating apps will care for their user experience. Only those apps can offer you a real transgender dating relationship.

Historical Transgender Men in the World

Transgender is not a new word of the world today, it can be date back to the early 1800s. Here are two historical transgender men in the world.

Charley Parkhurst was born in 1812 and he spend most of his childhood in an orphanage. He ran away at the age of twelve ans started to crossdress as a boy, which he would do for the rest of his life. Charley became a stagecoach driver, also known as a stagecoach whip, because they used big whips, which was a super dangerous job involving fending off wild animals and bandits, and very perilous terrain. He developed a reputation as one of the best stagecoach drivers of his time. Charley lost an eye after being kicked in the eye by a horse, which led to the nickname ‘One-eyed Charley’. After he died, having developed a reputation as the incredibly grizzled bad-ass and one of the most reliable stagecoach drivers in the West, they examined his body and discovered that he had been assigned female at birth, and not only that but at some point in his life he had given birth.

Given that he ran away from the orphanage and started dressing as a boy at the age of twelve, presumably he gave birth at the same point while living as a man. We have no ideal what happened to the bay, nor do we have any ideal who the father was, since we don't know of anybody who knew about his birth gender during his life time. So not only did he perform this incredibly dangerous job for decides but at same point while doing that job, and while absolutely nobody knew that he was trans, he concealed a pregnancy, give birth, nobody knew about it. Presumably while also fending off coyotes and bandits with a big whip.

Dr Alan L. Hart. This is one case where I think there's just no excuse to call him anything other than a trans man, since he underwent both surgical and hormonal transition, and referred to himself as man even with people he was out as trans to. But for some baffling reason have still argued that he was a lesbian, which frankly makes me pretty angry. I mean, I would argue that taking testosterone, having your womb and ovaries removed and referring to yourself as a man for forty years are all fairly strong indicators that somebody identifies as a man. Alan was born in 1890 and he was one of the first trans men in the US to have a hysterectomy. He was also a brilliant radiologist who spend most of his career researching and treating tuberculosis. He pioneered the use of X-rays in detecting tuberculosis, which allowed it to be detected much earlier, which often saved the patient's life. By the 1940s the use of his techniques in detecting TB had helped cut the tuberculosis death tare down to a fiftieth of what it had been. He also was a published novelist, he wrote four novels and a lot of short stories about trans dating.

Few reasons why men says no to Transgender Dating

There are many reasons to say no for dating especially when it’s about transgender dating. There are men out there that don’t want to date a transgender woman and there are many reasons behind this. Here in this article let’s discuss few of these reasons. Transgender women aren’t really the first choice for every man to fulfill their sexual fantasies. Let’s discuss few reasons that forces some man not to date a transgender woman –

Transgender woman are not real woman and they don’t have sentiments and emotions

Yes, it’s true that transgender woman are not real woman but they are turn themselves to a woman via surgery and this is truly a misconception that transgender woman don’t have any emotions and sentiments. Transgender women too have sentiments and emotions and also they are looking for a regular dating and want their partner to love and pamper them gently.

Transgender woman are only looking for money when it comes to dating

There are men that already made some negative thoughts about transgender women that a transgender woman is only looking for money and nothing else when it comes to dating. This is not at all correct and transgender woman are only want attention from you and not your money. This is really a wrong thinking of few men towards transgender women.

Dating a transgender woman will make them a gay.

if you are dating a transgender woman, you will turned into a gay and calls the same in front of your friend but this is also not correct and you won’t be a gay if you are dating with a transgender woman. Being a transgender woman is someone’s personal choice and you never considered anyone by their gender identity.

Transgender women like to date a straight men and not a gay personality. So, if you are straight than you are obviously the first choice of transgender women to whom they can date with. But if you are gay, you are not even in a list of transgender woman to whom they like to date and enjoy their transgender dating.

Long term dating relationship

Transgender woman don’t believe in long term relationship, this is another wrong thinking that prohibited men to date a transgender woman that are looking for some serious dating or long term relationship. Let me tell you that transgender women already suffered a lot and discriminated too many times in their entire life in the name of dating and relationship. They feel like to be used by their trans dating partner when their dating partner broke the relationship. Transgender women are looking for long term relationship.

Transgender women don’t know how to behave publicly or in front of family, relative or friends.

Transgender women too come from regular and genuine family like others and they obviously know how to behave in public areas and also in front of family, friend or relatives. So, don’t assume that they don’t know how to behave publicly.

How Do I Know If I am Transgender?

How do I know if I am transgender? This question is often asked by many people from different places in the world and different ages. If you are asking this question, it probably means that you already have some problem with your current gender identity, but you don't know if you are "qualified" to be a transgender. Here is some advice for you to explore your gender identity if you have this question.

As mentioned above, if you are asking this question, that means maybe you are not aligned with your biological gender identity, or you feel uncomfortable with your current gender role. You are probably trans. However, the spectrum of transgender is very wide, which reflects to how you feel about your current gender. We call it gender dysphoria. The further you are away from your biological gender, the stronger you will feel towards it. That is to say, you will probably suffer serious gender dysphoria the more you repel your biological gender. That does not mean that gender dysphoria will disappear if you hide your revolt to your biological gender. On the contrary, you should feel free to express yourself in a way that you feel comfortable at. You shouldn't restrain your feelings, but letting them out. Here are some tips for you to figure out where you are in this wide gender spectrum.

You can try to figure out where your gender dysphoria comes from. First, are you feeling comfortable with the way people treat you as your biological gender? If you are a male, are you okay with people calling you "he"? Do you have problem with your friends treating you as a "dude"? Second, are you acting like your biological gender, not spontaneously? Many transgender women often feel like that they are acting like a guy. They have to dress male clothes and behave to be manly. They are not being their true self. Do you think your name is not the right one for you? If you have a very masculine name, does that sound right to you? Third, ask yourself about how you feel about your body. The body of male and female are different. Do you feel right to be in this body? Does the gender of the body match with the gender in your mind which you think you are? These questions should be taken into serious consideration and will take maybe a long time to ask. Try to find the answers for these questions.

You can also talk to someone you trust in your life if you feel comfortable to do that. It can be your parents, family or even someone you met online. You can also find someone who is transgender to share your feelings with. The most important thing is that you should talk to someone who support you and understand you.

Some Stereotypes that Make Transgender Women Desperate

The Sexy Mess

She is a sexy little girl, a transgender woman who can stay super sexy at any time because of her hormones and her own efforts to be feminine. But don't forget the price transgender women pay to look sexy and feminine. For those who think they've actually dated this person, take heart. Yes, many transgender people struggle with suicide, depression and mental illness. It's hard to face the world, face their family, face all the abuse and discrimination from people. In my opinion, transgender women are not a mess, but courageous.

The Social Activist

My transgender friend Monica was very focused on the march, rights, equality and transgender issues from the start. She felt it was important after she began to transform into an extreme politician, standing up for the problems she and her circle faced. She usually finds local transgender people on trans dating apps. One of her dates recently turned her down because he felt she should attend a conference on violence against transgender women. She said she was interested in a short film festival being held at the same time, and would prefer to see it, which shocked him. He never called her again.

The Bitch Diva

Nurtured by drag queen culture, performance, celebration and entertainment, bitch diva has become something that many transgender and cis women aspire to have. Like Aretha Franklin. Every woman longs to be super confident and let men melt and wither. But that's just a fantasy. It may even be a personality trait, and some women are overconfident, beyond life, broad-minded and unbelievable. Some women are mean, some are not. Women have moments of pain, moments of beauty, moments of ordinariness and humanity. Please take a look at the full series.

The Easy Rider

Transgender women have an easy rider stereotype because transgender women are so desperate for sex and love that they become sexually attracted to anything. Because no one is attracted to a body that doesn't meet the standards, you'll be proud to be a knight in shining armor because she makes you erect. Then you want her to take care of it because you feel like you're doing her a favor.

The Man in a Skirt

A simple fact is that some transgender women "pass" more easily than others. Doing all the surgery needed can be costly or painful. A woman with a footballers figure is not going to be petite and curvy. For some women, being a laughingstock or having physical features they don't even recognize can be painful. The race for perfection can be brutal in the world of ladyboys, hejra and other trans women - just as cis women tend to be relentless on issues like obesity, fashion and aging. Even Caitlyn Jenner, who bragged about her metamorphosis, Monica concluded that, like many people, he liked the excitement of front-row politics and the politics of oppression.mocked other transgender women by saying, "if you look like a man in a skirt, someone else will feel uncomfortable."

Never Do Two Things In A Transgender Dating

Here are two things that are especially taboo in transgender dating or relationships. If you've ever been on a failed trans dating, check out these two deadly mistakes.

Be yourself without any change

Being yourself is the worst advice you can get. Think about it. If you want to get along better with transgender women, that is, if you're looking for some useful advice to improve your trans dating life, then obviously what you're doing isn't working. Be yourself, be an inefficient person in your transgender dating life, and you won't succeed! Those who say "be yourself" are really saying "be the best you can be." this is good advice in theory (and, of course, ignores the lack of precise details about how to be the best you can be), but they ignore the best. When a person does his best, he can become his best, that's all. They try to overcome their weaknesses, use their strengths, and overcome any challenges in life. This is who you want to be: your best self. Not just yourself!

Don't pay her bills

When a man takes a trans woman out on a date, many men avoid paying the trans woman's bills. Perhaps this is necessary to empower men, and it's something that men looking for self-improvement, especially when they're dating transgender people, need to hear about. Perhaps it gave people a faith and a right they had never had before. Therefore, I can forgive many men for believing this. But now is the time to set the record straight. If you don't want to pay for a transgender woman, you'll be seen as, "this guy is so cheap!" I'm not saying that you should be a big boss and get rich, or that you should pay for everything. I mean, transgender women still think that when he takes her out on a transgender date, men should pay for all the dating (or at least offer). I know some penny-pinching men who insist on not paying for drinks, meals or tickets and who are seen as penny-pinching by the trans women they bring out.

If a transgender woman obviously wants you to buy everything or something for her, this is another case one. Buying each other a round of drinks on the first trans date is another story altogether. People who read too much about hookers tend to believe this myth. However, a high-quality transgender woman would not tolerate such trivial behavior. Just do yourself a favor and pay for your date when you ask out a trans woman. By the way, a good transgender woman will always offer to be involved, pay the next fee, pay other fees during the trans date, or offer to buy anything that comes up in the next round. Keep this in mind when deciding who is or is not a "transgender girlfriend." Find local transgender women on trans dating apps.