The double-aged sword of online transgender dating


or people who identify as transgender, join ordinary dating apps such as tinder seems like of low expectations. It really surprised me when some transgender people get match with cisgender people on ordinary dating apps. While, for most transgender people, it is not easy to find someone who attracted to them on ordinary dating apps.

Many international famous dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble and okcupid have said to be more inclusive to transgender community, some of them even added gender options for transgender people. I'm so happy that transgender people can be concerned by more and more people, and there are so many dating apps open for transgender people. By this way, transgender people can easier find their dating partner or make friends than ever before. According to a recent research, more than 70% of users of dating apps said that online transgender dating apps are helpful to normalize their gender orientation, transgender respondents also stated that online dating apps helped them come out traditional way of dating and find their romantic love story in a new way. In fact, for transgender people, online dating apps make it possible for all transgender people to date without judgement. It is also easy to meet someone who can really accept them. To be frank, online dating apps also make it easier for cisgender people who are interested in ts dating to find their transgender dating partners. When people who identify as transgender come into a bar and date other people, they may run into someone with wrong gender orientation. Online dating apps provides all transgender people with platform to express their gender identity and find the one who can really accept their gender identity.

There is an increasing number of dating apps for both transgender people and non-transgender people, while security is still the top concern of online dating. It is a challenge for all dating apps and a problem should be solved by all dating apps' users. For example, when you use a grindr trans app, you may feel less welcomed if you are woman or a trans woman. Because most people there are abusive to women. While, gay men and transgender men are welcomed by this kind of dating apps. Discrimination on transgender people is still a serious social problem, and it is also can be seen in many dating apps. As a matter of fact, there are no dating apps and sites are completely secure for transgender people.

Privacy is also a matter of concern. Some online dating apps come under fire and share its users personal information and privacy with the third party. I think apps like this should be criticized and deleted by its users. All dating apps' developer should work on the safety of online dating and try to solve this problem. Online dating should be a safe and private platform for all users to date and make friends. It is a long process to completely solve this problem, but I hope online ts date can be safer and safer in the future.