Ways to Find Out if He is Using You

One of the worst things I ever encountered was a boy who was interested in me on an online trans dating website. It is very easy to find local transgenders on ts dating apps. He was very kind to me, and then we spent a year together happily. Finally I found out that he was with me just to sleep with me. Of course, this is a very painful experience and memory, because I thought I had found my right person, but finally found myself just a lamb to be slaughtered. But I learned a lesson from this failed relationship, that is, how to distinguish whether this person is using you or not, and whether he is sincere to you. If you have the same confusion, then you can refer to the suggestions. Once you find that his actions are consistent with these, you should leave him without hesitation.

  1. He always be with you at night

A typical feature of his desire to sleep with you is that he always stays with you at night. In this way, he will have more opportunities and excuses to spend the night with you. If you invite him during the day, but he always changes the time to the evening, or takes the initiative to ask you out at night, then there is no doubt that he wants to sleep with you. When you have an appointment in the evening, if he's always putting it off late, regardless of whether you feel uncomfortable or anything else, then you can consider changing your ts date because he just treats you as an object to satisfy his sexual desire. Find local transgenders here.

  1. He is always with you in bed

If you find that you and your partner spend the longest time in bed, you should be wary of him. In a normal relationship, the time you spend together should not be limited to the bedroom, because two people need to do a lot of things together. But if you just want to spend your time in the bedroom, that means he's using you. Another point is to see if he is willing to introduce you to his friends. If he wants to, it means that he is serious about the relationship; if he does not want to, it means that he has no intention of developing a long-term relationship with you, so he does not think it necessary to involve you in his real life.

  1. Write down the things that bother you

In addition to the two most obvious behaviors mentioned above, I believe there are many other problems plaguing you, leaving you with no clue. So, the best way is to list all the things that bother you, and then think about everything carefully. For example, he forgot your birthday or didn't buy you a birthday present. Or when you're sick, he doesn't take care of you, just gives you some warmth and comfort on the phone and so on. If you can't judge for yourself, then you should tell your friends to help you analyze the problem and give suggestions. You can find local transgenders on trans app.