Translr(Original Transdr)---the Relationship Master


Transdr is designed for transgenders, crossdressers, transvestites and so on and for them to find friendship and romantic relationships. It has released for a long time and has gained a very huge and loyal users of itself. With Transdr, it couldn't be much easier to find a perfect match regardless pf his/her gender. Transdr is developed with a clear interface and simple using experience.

What can I find in Transdr?

For all transgenders and crossdressers, the problem in real life dating is probably the concerns that if he/she really appreciates you. But how can you tell it just by the appearance of him/her? There no way to tell only to find out after experience in person. But this often ends up with rejections or even worse, humiliation. So what should they do when transgenders want to find a real friendship or romantic relationships? The best answer is maybe turn to those who really get you and really appreciate you. Transdr is an exclusively dating app for transgenders, crossdressers and transvestites, as well as the people who appreciate them. They are a group of people who are looking for friendships, long or short romantic relationships or just looking for some like-minded people to talk to. Transdr gathers them all together, where you don't have to worry about your words, your behaviors and you can be who you really are.

How does it work?

Transdr team developed a very clear and simple interface for users. They focus more on user experience and privacy protection. They believed that these two are the most important factors from the perspective of users, which is proved to be true judging from the rapid increasing users. First, download Transdr into your phone and create a profile using your email address. After done creating a profile, you have made to the half in the process of finding a date. Second, go to "Browse" to look through the profiles we present. You can filter the result by setting your preferences, such as sexual role, eye color, body type and so on. You can swipe right to like or swipe left to pass. If two persons like each other, they will be matched and free to talk to each other.

Why should choose Transdr?

There are so many transgender dating apps in the market, but why should we suggest you to choose Transdr? There are two reasons. First, Transdr focus more attention on user experience. For example, you may find lots of fake profiles or scammers on other apps. But in Transdr, we verify each profile manually. We monitor every activity and make no exception to delete and reject suspicious profile or activity, providing a safe and efficient user experience. Second, Transdr put much efforts on privacy protection. We will not leak any private information to any institutions and we have been trying to eliminate those who want to steal them. So far, we have successfully prevented dozens of hacker attack and made sure that there's no information of users get stolen.