Historical Transgender Men in the World

Transgender is not a new word of the world today, it can be date back to the early 1800s. Here are two historical transgender men in the world.

Charley Parkhurst was born in 1812 and he spend most of his childhood in an orphanage. He ran away at the age of twelve ans started to crossdress as a boy, which he would do for the rest of his life. Charley became a stagecoach driver, also known as a stagecoach whip, because they used big whips, which was a super dangerous job involving fending off wild animals and bandits, and very perilous terrain. He developed a reputation as one of the best stagecoach drivers of his time. Charley lost an eye after being kicked in the eye by a horse, which led to the nickname ‘One-eyed Charley’. After he died, having developed a reputation as the incredibly grizzled bad-ass and one of the most reliable stagecoach drivers in the West, they examined his body and discovered that he had been assigned female at birth, and not only that but at some point in his life he had given birth.

Given that he ran away from the orphanage and started dressing as a boy at the age of twelve, presumably he gave birth at the same point while living as a man. We have no ideal what happened to the bay, nor do we have any ideal who the father was, since we don't know of anybody who knew about his birth gender during his life time. So not only did he perform this incredibly dangerous job for decides but at same point while doing that job, and while absolutely nobody knew that he was trans, he concealed a pregnancy, give birth, nobody knew about it. Presumably while also fending off coyotes and bandits with a big whip.

Dr Alan L. Hart. This is one case where I think there's just no excuse to call him anything other than a trans man, since he underwent both surgical and hormonal transition, and referred to himself as man even with people he was out as trans to. But for some baffling reason have still argued that he was a lesbian, which frankly makes me pretty angry. I mean, I would argue that taking testosterone, having your womb and ovaries removed and referring to yourself as a man for forty years are all fairly strong indicators that somebody identifies as a man. Alan was born in 1890 and he was one of the first trans men in the US to have a hysterectomy. He was also a brilliant radiologist who spend most of his career researching and treating tuberculosis. He pioneered the use of X-rays in detecting tuberculosis, which allowed it to be detected much earlier, which often saved the patient's life. By the 1940s the use of his techniques in detecting TB had helped cut the tuberculosis death tare down to a fiftieth of what it had been. He also was a published novelist, he wrote four novels and a lot of short stories about trans dating.