Few reasons why men says no to Transgender Dating

There are many reasons to say no for dating especially when it’s about transgender dating. There are men out there that don’t want to date a transgender woman and there are many reasons behind this. Here in this article let’s discuss few of these reasons. Transgender women aren’t really the first choice for every man to fulfill their sexual fantasies. Let’s discuss few reasons that forces some man not to date a transgender woman –

Transgender woman are not real woman and they don’t have sentiments and emotions

Yes, it’s true that transgender woman are not real woman but they are turn themselves to a woman via surgery and this is truly a misconception that transgender woman don’t have any emotions and sentiments. Transgender women too have sentiments and emotions and also they are looking for a regular dating and want their partner to love and pamper them gently.

Transgender woman are only looking for money when it comes to dating

There are men that already made some negative thoughts about transgender women that a transgender woman is only looking for money and nothing else when it comes to dating. This is not at all correct and transgender woman are only want attention from you and not your money. This is really a wrong thinking of few men towards transgender women.

Dating a transgender woman will make them a gay.

if you are dating a transgender woman, you will turned into a gay and calls the same in front of your friend but this is also not correct and you won’t be a gay if you are dating with a transgender woman. Being a transgender woman is someone’s personal choice and you never considered anyone by their gender identity.

Transgender women like to date a straight men and not a gay personality. So, if you are straight than you are obviously the first choice of transgender women to whom they can date with. But if you are gay, you are not even in a list of transgender woman to whom they like to date and enjoy their transgender dating.

Long term dating relationship

Transgender woman don’t believe in long term relationship, this is another wrong thinking that prohibited men to date a transgender woman that are looking for some serious dating or long term relationship. Let me tell you that transgender women already suffered a lot and discriminated too many times in their entire life in the name of dating and relationship. They feel like to be used by their trans dating partner when their dating partner broke the relationship. Transgender women are looking for long term relationship.

Transgender women don’t know how to behave publicly or in front of family, relative or friends.

Transgender women too come from regular and genuine family like others and they obviously know how to behave in public areas and also in front of family, friend or relatives. So, don’t assume that they don’t know how to behave publicly.