How Do I Know If I am Transgender?

How do I know if I am transgender? This question is often asked by many people from different places in the world and different ages. If you are asking this question, it probably means that you already have some problem with your current gender identity, but you don't know if you are "qualified" to be a transgender. Here is some advice for you to explore your gender identity if you have this question.

As mentioned above, if you are asking this question, that means maybe you are not aligned with your biological gender identity, or you feel uncomfortable with your current gender role. You are probably trans. However, the spectrum of transgender is very wide, which reflects to how you feel about your current gender. We call it gender dysphoria. The further you are away from your biological gender, the stronger you will feel towards it. That is to say, you will probably suffer serious gender dysphoria the more you repel your biological gender. That does not mean that gender dysphoria will disappear if you hide your revolt to your biological gender. On the contrary, you should feel free to express yourself in a way that you feel comfortable at. You shouldn't restrain your feelings, but letting them out. Here are some tips for you to figure out where you are in this wide gender spectrum.

You can try to figure out where your gender dysphoria comes from. First, are you feeling comfortable with the way people treat you as your biological gender? If you are a male, are you okay with people calling you "he"? Do you have problem with your friends treating you as a "dude"? Second, are you acting like your biological gender, not spontaneously? Many transgender women often feel like that they are acting like a guy. They have to dress male clothes and behave to be manly. They are not being their true self. Do you think your name is not the right one for you? If you have a very masculine name, does that sound right to you? Third, ask yourself about how you feel about your body. The body of male and female are different. Do you feel right to be in this body? Does the gender of the body match with the gender in your mind which you think you are? These questions should be taken into serious consideration and will take maybe a long time to ask. Try to find the answers for these questions.

You can also talk to someone you trust in your life if you feel comfortable to do that. It can be your parents, family or even someone you met online. You can also find someone who is transgender to share your feelings with. The most important thing is that you should talk to someone who support you and understand you.